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We are leaders in Educational and Management Consultancy, providing University Admissions for various universities

We are a close-knit team of experts in global admissions consulting who work with students through every step of application and admission process

We are leaders in Educational and Management Consultancy, providing University Admissions for various universities. Our consulting and coaching seek to apply principle centred leadership to achieve in all aspects of student’s educational and professional pursuits while aligning purpose with a strong vision and mission.

We use our knowledge of what the admission committee looks for in a student application to devise your personalized strategies. Most of our expertise is based on the educational system, but have also been successful getting our students admitted to schools worldwide for our partner universities.

Education is a prerequisite to community stability, economic prosperity, and future innovation

Students and educators who engage with Oracle Academy gain industry-relevant skills and knowledge that enrich their futures.

We support evidence-based and inclusive learning and teaching practices, educational programs and training, community building, and strong collaborations and partnerships with schools, departments, and other offices.

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the ultimate planning solution for
busy women who want to reach their personal goals
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